Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nokia Essence Headset Specification

Nokia Essence Headset Features

Nokia Essence Headset
If you are a Nokia handset owner then here is a piece of information that will surely delight you. The company has rolled put a new hands-free kit that is equipped with the noise cancellation technology, thus further enhancing the audio quality which is the basic reason behind the kits being coveted by customers. The new hands-free kit has been dubbed Nokia Essence.

The kit is essentially a Bluetooth based hands-free device that has been designed keeping music buffs in mind, but it also provides noise cancellation while using it during a phone call too. The hands-free is probably the best one that has been manufactured by Nokia until now as it provides 99 percent noise cancellation in the lightest possible kit.

Nokia Essence Headset is a powerful device which is designed to reduce background noise up to 99.8% by a mechanism called active noise cancellation. This means you get more realistic and detailed music experience instead of headache and ear pain. In-ear design eliminates mid- and high frequency noise. The best thing about this device is that it is bluetooth and NFC enabled.

The Nokia Essence is compatible with any Bluetooth enabled phone that has the A2DP feature but works best when paired with the smartphones of Nokia that are NFC enabled. Using the headset is also very simple as the call handling buttons present double as song shuffling buttons too.
It also has special buttons that has been dedicated to bass and treble which can be tweaked with the change in the music track.
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The price of the headset has not been divulged till now. Nokia Essence will hit the markets by the end of this year.


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