Saturday, October 22, 2011

Icecream Sandwich Android Features

Android Icecream Sandwich Specification

Android 4.0 is the latest android release from Google it is also called as Icecream Sandwich. Android 4.0 offers lots of new features and a brand new fresh look. 

Android's previous versions were either optimized for mobile phones or tablet, but Icecream sandwich is operating system for both mobile phone and tablets.

List of new features offered by Android Icecream Sandwich:

  • Improved lightweight icons and design elements
  • Face Unlock
  • New Lock Screen
  • New wallpapers and subtly animated live wallpapers
  • Text-filled information-laden widgets for Email, YouTube, Gmail, and more
  • Application drawer is now horizontal and animated
  • Better, easier folder organization
  • Customizable “Favorites Tray” on the launcher
  • Hardware acceleration
  • Easy multi-tasking button with large thumbnail screenshots
  • Built-in screenshots capabilities
  • Media types support added for
  • New and better notification system; large images and icons, music controls built-in, Control and peek at notifications from the lockscreen
  • Keyboard improvement like better response, error correction, inline spell checker, New theme
  • New Updated Cut, copy, paste and now drag options for text
  • Voice actions updated
  • New Browser Features
  • New GMail Features
  • Calendar application
  • All updated YouTube, Google+, Google Maps, Music Apps
  • Android Beam NFC Sharing
  • SDK available immediately
  • New camera applications; Built-in image editing tools, Image stabilization, Continuous focus in video,Facial recognition auto focus, Panorama capture, built-in sharing options and much more
  • Better gallery management; large magzine style thumbnail layout and sort by people, date and location, etc
  • Improved hardware resource management
  • Icon Grouping; drag drop to group icons togather
  • Accesibility feature: explore-by-touch mode
  • Wi-Fi Direct and Bluetooth HDP
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