Tuesday, August 30, 2011

WiFi File Explorer PRO Download v1.4.0

Download WiFi File Explorer PRO v1.4.0 Android

Hello guys here you will get latest Mobile WiFi File Explorer Pro v1.4.0 Software Download Links.
Featured on Life Hacker! Best and cheapest!
Browse, transfer, download, upload, delete, copy, rename, stream and manage files that are on your Android device, using a web browser via a WiFi connection.
No more taking your phone apart to get the SD card out or grabbing your cable to access your camera pics or copy across your fave MP3s.

What's in this version:
  • New web UI layout
  • Thumbnails view
  • Modes
  • Search mode
  • Logout option
  • Breadcrumb
  • Persisting view after an action
  • Faster load times
  • ZIP files now compatible with Winzip and 7zip
  • Exit reminider
  • Battery bar
  • WiFi Singnal Strength bar
  • Internal and external storage bars
  • Link to more apps by dooblou
  • Prevent missing images in IE9
  • Fix invalid HTML
  • Bug fixes
  • Hidden Development Goodies section in settings (tap title in app 3 times to unlock)
1. Using a web browser, you can browse, download and manage all the files on your Android device without the need for a cable;
2. Multiple batch file uploads and downloads to save you time when transferring many files at once;
3. Download entire directories on your Android device with just one simple click - for example, backup all your photos just by downloading the Camera directory;
4. Select all the directories on your Android device and do a multiple download to backup your entire SD card!
5. Download a streaming media playlist to allow you to quickly flick through and stream all the stored media files in a directory;
6. Create brand new directories and delete/rename/copy/zip/unzip files - the perfect file manager;
7. Have any application files stored on your Android device? WiFi File Explorer is also an installer, so automatically install them with just once click in the web browser;
8. Stream individual music and video files from your Android device straight to a web browser;
9. View all the camera pictures and videos on your Android device directly in a web browser;
10. Simple to use with no set up or buttons - it just works!
11. Password protected;
12. Ability to configure the port settings;
13. Full support for special characters;
14. Send an email to the web link from the app for easy connection;
15. LOTS more features in development;
  • WiFi File Explorer PRO v1.4.0
  • Requirements: Android OS 1.6+
  • Overview: Browse, download, upload, delete, copy, ZIP, stream and manage files via WiFi!!
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