Monday, August 22, 2011

T-Mobile HTC Flyer Phone 2012

T-Mobile HTC Flyer 2012 Full Specification

A leaked promotion from T-Mobile suggests the HTC Flyer is coming to the network.

That’s interesting, especially since Best Buy issued a press release last week saying they had exclusive rights to sell HTC’s wi-fi-only tablet this spring. A rebranded version of the tablet will be on Sprint’s WiMax 4G network this summer under the name the HTC EVO View.

Tech site, backs up its surprising claim with pictures showing the seven-inch tablet in marketing mock-ups for T-Mobile’s network, which the tablet already supports.

Now, of course, marketing promotions can be put together for anything, so this doesn’t mean the tablet’s definitely going to be on T-Mobile or that it’s coming any time soon. But the company appears to have mocked up a couple of print ads, a possible travel promotion and YouTube videos. It’s not clear whether the promotions are for T-Mobile’s U.S. or United Kingdom network, but, as noted in its original post, the U.S. network is the only one with a YouTube channel.

On a related note, a report from (on-again, off-again) Taiwanese tech site Digitimes said that the tablet will be delayed until May.


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