Thursday, August 25, 2011

Google Chairman Will Visit Taiwan in 2nd Half of 2012

2nd Half of 2012 Google Chairman Will Visit Taiwan

Taipei, May 26, 2011 (CENS)–Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google, will embark on an Asian tour, including Taiwan, in the second half this year, when he will visit Taiwanese clients and partners to push Android system in person.

Schmidt revealed the travel plan during a teleconference with Taiwanese press yesterday (May 25). During the trip, Schmidt will meet with representatives of Taiwanese firms adopting Android system, including brand vendors, such as HTC and ASUS, contract makers, such as Hon Hai and Wistron, and component suppliers, such as Mediatek and AU Optronics. The trip will inevitably spark a discussion on the competition between Android devices and Apple`s tablet PCs and smart phones.

As the world`s largest search engine firm, Google has extended its reach to the realms of mobile phones and PCs with the rollout of Android and Chrome systems. Schmidt pointed out that Android has achieved stunning success on the global markets. Its global partners have launched 310 models of Android-based products, selling 400,000 such products a day. In addition, there are 200,000 Android-based software products being sold in 131 countries.
Android-based mobiles phones boast largest global market share and its tablet PCs rank second place, trailing Apple iPad. Google`s next step is making inroads into the PC market with its Chrome system.


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