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Nokia Windows Phone 7 2012

Nokia Windows Phone 7

Nokia phones sporting the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 OS should be hitting shelves in 2012

Published on Apr 5, 2011
The first Nokia Windows Phone 7 devices will arrive on smartphones in 2012.
"Negotiations have progressed very well. They will be concluded well on schedule," Kai Oistamo, head of corporate development at Nokia, told Reuters on Monday.

Major service providers such as AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile already offer phones from a variety of manufacturers that feature Windows Phone 7 operating systems, however this pool makes up a feeble 5.5 per cent of the global smartphone OS market.

While there are over 11,00 applications for the Windows Phone 7 OS, and upwards of 36,000 developers working on new content for the Microsoft OS, the figures suggest that Apple and Google still hold an edge over the prolific software producer.

Microsoft hopes to use Nokia’s widespread influence in the mobile technology sector to inject its operating system into a larger share of the booming smartphone market.

Despite what some of those slate sellers might lead you to believe, Windows 7 is pretty terrible for tablets. I don’t care if you’re only interested in enterprise customers; the interface just doesn’t work for a finger-based usage and Microsoft kinda knows that. And that’s why they’re taking so bloody long to come up with an OS that works better for tablets.
Bloomberg is reporting that Microsoft won’t have a tablet-friendly version of its desktop operating system until 2012 at the earliest. More likely than not, this Windows for Tablets will coincide with the launch of a Windows 8 (or something like it).
Remember how hard it was for Microsoft to completely revamp its Windows Mobile vehicle into Windows Phone 7? You can expect the same dragging of the feet for a Windows Tablet OS. By that time, it’ll be in the same market as a second-gen PlayBook, an iPad 3, and probably some sort of Android 4.0 tablet.

What’s interesting, though, is that partnership with Nokia. If they’re working together for Windows Phone 7, should we expect a Nokia Internet Tablet with Windows 8 for Tablets too?
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